Oct 182023

Yuzu, a content creator, loves spanking very much. While makes a video of model Maina’s ass, she is so excited that she spanks the model. However, Maina takes revenge on her ass later.

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Feb 012023

We were asked to make a series of custom films of girls dressed only in high heels spanking and otherwise punishing themselves. Here we have the most amazing Alora Lux. Now she is a girl who will admit to liking pain but would she be able to inflict it on herself? The answer is a most certainly as witnessed by her red and marked bottom at the end of this film and her request that Sarah come and join her to inflict even more pain. In the final part of this quite amazing and very erotic film Sarah comes in to watch and offer her advice. This includes demonstrating the best way to use the implements with some extra hard and cruel swats.

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