Sep 052022

Stevie’s boyfriend comes home to find Stevie and Troublemaker with freshly spanked bottoms. Warned to stop makes bets with their bottoms, they are in for a dose of harsh discipline together. Stevie is first to feel the wrath of her boyfriends strap on her freshly spanked cheeks. Strapped on all fours until she collapses, she nervously wiggles her bottom as he brings more straps to the living room. Stiff leather slaps down on swollen flesh, Stevie cries out wiggling as she tries to escape the punishing licks. Pulling her panties down a severe strap punishes her bare bottom and thighs. Counting 20 licks across her poor thighs, Stevie sniffles and cries in agony. Troublemaker is next to be ordered into position. Resolution: 1920×1080; Duration: 00:08:28; File size: 390 MB.

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